Monday, November 9, 2009


It was wonderful to see friends this summer. Michell, Pierre and Jacob came for a long weekend and we had a fun time. Talk about girl-talk. Michelle wasn't it fun? We talked about school days and present times.  We had so much fun, eating out and grilling.. It's always nice to visit good, good friends. Sorry no pictures, whats up with that? Next time.
  My friend Tina came about every 3 weeks. Either we would have a nice lunch, cup of coffee or a long walk. Remember Tina, 2 hour walk? Wow, I still can feel it. *grin* 
    Tina's mother is soooo awsome. She found out she had cancer and let me tell you. Not once, friends and family, not once did she mope around or feel sorry for herself. Her spirits where up and what a postive attitude. Her mother had a guardian angel watching over and from the Grace of God she is cancer FREE... Isn't HE wonderful? I'm so happy. Tina thanks for the special times together.
   My girlfriend Pam got married this summer. What a wonderful, fantastic day for them. Even though it was rainy cold and miserable outside. It was warm and cozy inside. What a Great couple and Myron that kuchen was awsome. I did have to share when I got home. *sigh*
     It was a great evening and I"m so glad that Clay and I got to share that special day with them. See you soon.......
       What a great time going over to Sue and Troys for supper. Sue YOU are a good cook. Man, that was a good meal. Creamed chicken, potatos and a veggie..Yum, yum. So nice to catch up and be back home. It was nice to glance once more out the window and see what I'm missing. The lake. Yup, I still miss the lake. Or maybe it's just my good friends next door. You know when we are together we never seem to run out of words. Is that good or bad? Not sure. And my goodness Erin has sure grown. She's taller than me. What a cutie too. Thanks Sue for being a friend.
     Proverbs 17:17 A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need.

Where Did the Time Go

Did we have summer? It seems our summers are getting shorter and shorter. I'm sorry it's been a long time since I updated my Blog. Excuse: enjoying every moment I could outside when the weather permitted.
   We had a fun summer with lots of friends and family. We went to Wis. for husbands nephew's wedding and what a Blast it was. After the wedding we spend time with friends. Our first stop we stayed and Mike and Bindy's in Dover, Mn. What fun. Ahhh, God is so good. To give us good friends. *smile*. We stayed there for about 3 nights and than off to Bill and Barbs and had just as much fun.
  Than we enjoyed the company of Clay's nephew Evan and new bride Maleah. They had a small fire in their apartment and so they stayed with us for about 4 weeks. Poor Dears, being newly weds and all. But, for us we enjoyed their company and getting to know them. They are wonderful kids. With the love of the Lord in their hearts.
   Clays mom and sisters came for night to visit. We enjoyed their company it was fun to visit and we had a nice evening sitting out on the deck and cooking on the grill. What fun.
  My parents came a couple tiimes along with my older sister. Of course we always enjoy having them around. Just to have that time to visit and play games with them.
  My sister from Tenn. and her family came for a visit to a Aberdeen and what fun was that? We went to Story Book land, cook outs and good visits. It had been a long time since we seen her family and grandson. So what t GREAT time that was. Than a month ago Rhonda flew in again to Aberdeen and I got to spend a week with her and her grandson. That was GREAT time too. Love you Rhonda. ~smile~ Yes, God is good and arounds in many ways. Just stop and listen you will hear him.
  Now back to our fall. Jack Frost around the corner and YOU all know what follows? Old man winter. *sigh* I just hope it's not a replay of last years winter. If so I might just have to learn to go outside and enjoy the snow.. Yea, right..........
  I cannot forget how fun trick or treating was with the grandkids. Let me see, Mani was Pippi Longstocking (remember her, girls?) Kye was a very friendly Dracula and Caleb was scarriest of all he as Mike Meyers, if know one is familiar with him, he's the horrible guy from Halloween movies...Shiver, he was VERY scarry.
 Soon I will post about the boys and Clays hunting adventure: so stay tuned.

                                            Mani, Kye, Megan(fairy) and Caleb

, Our Trip to Story Book Land, Rachelle, Brian, Jason and Justin, Oh yea, mom on the side.

                                             Clay, Bill and Barb enjoying a fine meal

                                                             Clay, Bindy and Luke

                                                     Five Generation of the Stephens family

Friday, October 2, 2009


This says it's all:

A Great Grandmother's Prayer
Submitted by:
Author: Barbara Burrows

Oh Lord, I do not ask for much,

Eternal beauty, or youth, or such.

Just give me a little hand to hold,

And I'll forget that I'm growing old.

I do not ask for cloudless skies,

A life that's free from tears and sighs.

Just give me a little face to kiss,

And anxious moments will turn to bliss.

For what is there, really, that means so much

As little hands that reach and touch,

As little eyes that search and see

Only the best in fragile me?

So let me grow more loving and wise

By looking at life through their wide eyes.

For through these little ones, you have given

This grateful great grandmother a glimpse of Heaven.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mothers Day is near. The one day out of the year we can be spoiled. Right mom's? I love my mom so much, she is SPECIAL. Sometime I don't think we tell them enough. Here's a poem I found that I love:

God made a wonderful mother,A mother who never grows old;He made her smile of the sunshine,And He moulded her heart of pure gold;In her eyes He placed bright shining stars,In her cheeks fair roses you see;God made a wonderful mother,And He gave that dear mother to me.
~By Pat O'Reilly~

Beautiful uh?

I also have been gifted by God by a special mother-in-law. I listen to so many people talk about the problems they have with there's. I feel so special and lucky to have a mother-in-law whom I love dearly. She is a special lady. Clay is lucky to have her as a mom. Just like my mom she's always there when I need her. Even if it's just to talk.

Here are a couple necklaces I made for my mothers. The one with the elephant is for my mom. She loves elephants. The other I made for mother-in-law..Hope they enjoy them.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Wedding

Here comes the Bride.. ..

Beautiful wedding. I was so excited Chris and Megan . I couldn't have asked for a more Beautiful wedding than this one. The Bride was beautiful and I mean beautiful. The groom while what can I say as his mom? He was handsome .
The day was perfect. Birds singing, sun shining . Beautiful, Oh, sorry I already said that. ~grin~ Than of course my grandchildren where adorable. Mani was pretty in her white gown, dropping the rose pedals. Tears glisten in my eyes as I watched her hold her head up proud to be there and sharing her uncle and aunts special day. Caleb and Kye where just as handsome walking down the aisle .Grinning from ear to ear. Of course both my boys where here.They were the attractive guys, walking two of the bridesmaids down the aisle. And than yes, Megan while no words, she was stunning. Stars dancing in her eyes as she made her way to the Most handsome Groom I have seen. Of course that would be , Chris. They both looked so happy. But, than it was their special day...
Ahhh, what a wonderful Day.. Feb. 14th. Couldn't celebrate Valentines any better way than that.
But, there was one humor that made us all laugh at the end. When the minister said "Caleb, you now may kiss the bride" Oops that was meant for Chris..Poor Caleb was going too, but thought not. I think he even blushed.

So those who couldn't be there, we missed you. But, we had a blissful time.

Congratulations Chris and Megan..............

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas time

Ahhh, that time of year again. The hustle and bustle of people. Trying to get their Christmas shopping done. List in their hands, frowns on their faces. Where is the Spirit of Christmas? Do we know why we celebrate the season? Or are we so lost in all the gift buying, Christmas get togethers? The most important of all...........The Birth of Our Lord. Yes, sing Happy Birthday on Christmas Day. Bake a cake, do something special to celebrate the reason for the season. Start a new tradition with Jesus first on that wonderful day.
I don't know about all of you. But, I nag and I mean I nag to my family about WHY we are celebrating the season. It's not the expense of the gift under the tree or what outfit I'm I going to wear to the Christmas party. It's wonderful birth of JESUS. Yes, Jesus, born on Christmas day..December 25th. Jesus who came to earth to only die for our sins. Lets rejoice and remember Jesus is the reason for the season......
Read Matthew 1:21 And she shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.