Monday, March 23, 2009

The Wedding

Here comes the Bride.. ..

Beautiful wedding. I was so excited Chris and Megan . I couldn't have asked for a more Beautiful wedding than this one. The Bride was beautiful and I mean beautiful. The groom while what can I say as his mom? He was handsome .
The day was perfect. Birds singing, sun shining . Beautiful, Oh, sorry I already said that. ~grin~ Than of course my grandchildren where adorable. Mani was pretty in her white gown, dropping the rose pedals. Tears glisten in my eyes as I watched her hold her head up proud to be there and sharing her uncle and aunts special day. Caleb and Kye where just as handsome walking down the aisle .Grinning from ear to ear. Of course both my boys where here.They were the attractive guys, walking two of the bridesmaids down the aisle. And than yes, Megan while no words, she was stunning. Stars dancing in her eyes as she made her way to the Most handsome Groom I have seen. Of course that would be , Chris. They both looked so happy. But, than it was their special day...
Ahhh, what a wonderful Day.. Feb. 14th. Couldn't celebrate Valentines any better way than that.
But, there was one humor that made us all laugh at the end. When the minister said "Caleb, you now may kiss the bride" Oops that was meant for Chris..Poor Caleb was going too, but thought not. I think he even blushed.

So those who couldn't be there, we missed you. But, we had a blissful time.

Congratulations Chris and Megan..............